August 28, 2019 – Website Launch Day

Two years ago, I planted the Hauntsman’s flag in as much of the digital landscape as I could; a domain name, accounts on Twitter and Instagram and Patreon, a page on Facebook. Until today, those flags have been appropriately ghostly markers, waiting for me to work up the courage to open that door, go down those basement stairs, look under the tattered and fraying dropcloth over in the coldest, darkest corner. Sticks and stones break those bones, but words…words are so much more terrifying, and unheard screams are the worst of all.

Which is a purplish way of saying that I finally pulled the trigger on publishing this site.

It is, admittedly and quite painfully obviously, in a bit of a sad state here on launch day. This will change as content is added, skills are polished, graphically inclined friends are wined and dined and bribed. The important bits are here, though. Someplace to call home for a few years’ worth of storytelling.

This doesn’t work without an audience, of course, for a host of reasons. And as a reasonable host, I’d like to invite that audience–real or imagined (heaven’s sake, let’s hope they’re real)–to get involved. Cheer, laugh, cry, throw things, suggest other things. Absolutely vote, I dare you to. At the end of all this, we’ll be able to really, truly say that we created something together.

Let’s just hope it doesn’t haunt us.