TheHauntsman.com is a repository of interconnected stories, each piece a thread of a narrative tapestry. Here you may find short stories, novelettes and novellas that deal with themes of fear, anger, regret and sadness. This is a collaborative effort between author and audience; you will have a part to play.


The backbone of our narrative is comprised of a monthly series of novelettes and novellas, posted in weekly segments, four segments per story. The odd short fiction finds its way into the story from time to time. However, be warned: every three months, the posted stories are removed, anthologized, and made available for sale. These anthologies contain additional material, most commonly in the form of previously unreleased short stories.

All of these stories are component pieces of a much larger work, a work that relies upon you.


At the conclusion of each month’s story, readers are invited to vote for their choice of upcoming short story. These short stories focus on the characters, themes and settings of The Hauntsman, and are posted here as well as collected in the quarterly anthologies. This is the audience’s opportunity to delve deeper into whichever mysterious corner of the story that piques their interest.

This is also the author’s opportunity to kill your darlings.


About the Author

CM Brown was born in Upstate New York, where he learned a healthy respect for unrelenting seasons, bitter history and damp secrets. He currently resides in Troy, New York with his fiancee and their furry son, Augustus Paddington Brownstone.